Staff Picks

Get to know our staff! Some of us have curated playlists based around our own individual ideas and themes. As each person’s playlist is released, this page will update with the link and a description.

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Rich Yamamoto: Producer of the Musical museum and Contents Covered.

A set of 50 songs that show off Rich’s diverse musical tastes. Some have been played on the Museum before.

This is a playlist where you can discover something old, something new, and other things that I have been listening to over the years. It was hard to pick out 50 songs, but this is what I could knock together from the thousands of songs that I have laying around.

Find Rich’s Apple Music playlist here.

Emily Paton, producer of the Forgotten Song Project (FSP).

A set of songs chosen for their musicality or nostalgia.

This playlist is composed of a few of many songs that have meant the most to me during my life. Some are things that people may expect, others are more surprising, such as the opening track, or one of the very few country songs that I can actually tolerate. most of these songs are not lyrical choices, but rather sonically chosen. And that’s how the playlist is grouped; it’s not a ranking, it’s just organized by how the songs sound. if they’re not sonically chosen, then they highlight a certain person or event in my life. Songs that my dad introduced me to, songs that I sang with my mom, songs from other family members are all fair game!

Find Emily’s Apple Music playlist here.