Listening and content

Which genres does VENOM offer?

We offer a variety of streams from mainstream hits to piano music. To see our full list of genres, visit our listen page.

Where can I hear live shows?

All of our shows air exclusively on VENOM Live, so that we can maintain the integrity of our genre-specific streams.

What is a package m3u and how does it work?

Our package m3u, accessible from the listen page, gives you a quick and simple way to carry all of our streams with you wherever you go, on any device. Just download the file, and use your forward and back controls to navigate between streams.

Will VENOM add more genres in the future?

We plan to release packages of new streams throughout the year, at no cost to our listeners. The best way to keep up with new content is to subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social media so you can be the first to know about new music.

I missed an episode, can I still hear it somewhere?

Some of our shows replay across the VENOM network. To find detailed replay information about the show you’re looking for, click on its title from our schedule page. There, you’ll find when and where the episode will replay, if applicable.

How can my content be heard on VENOM?

If you’d like your content hosted on the VENOM network, feel free to reach out to us via our contributor application.


What is TeamTalk?

TeamTalk is the free, and high quality audio and video conferencing system we use to make our listeners a part of VENOM content.

How can I join VENOM on TeamTalk?

You can join our server by clicking the “TeamTalk” link in our social menu on any of our webpages, or enter the credentials manually. No account required!

  • Host address: venom.fm
  • Host TCP port: 10333
  • Host UDP Port: 10333

That’s great, but how can I get the software?

No problem, find direct links to download the app below.

Still have a question?

Send us an Email or write our support team on Twitter