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Our programming team has personally designed stations showcasing music in some of today’s top genres, as well as a few fan favorites. Select a genre from the list below, and if what we’re playing isn’t trimming your trees, help design our playlist by requesting whatever you need to hear.
Also, please note that all of our schedule information is in Eastern standard time.

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Listen to VENOM Live
As the name suggests, this is where you’ll hear all of our content as it happens. VENOM Live spans every genre, and features everything from political commentary to billboard countdowns. When nothing is occurring, this stream showcases a different genre from our repertoire each day, plus your requests from any genre in our selection.

  • Monday: Classic Rock
  • Tuesday: Keys
  • Wednesday: Latin
  • Thursday: Scores
  • Friday: Hits
  • Saturday: A Cappella
  • Sunday: Country


Listen to VENOM Hits
The home of Throwback Nights with DJ RockMaster Rob!
This is your home for popular music. Broadcasting nothing but Top Forty hits, this stream is guaranteed to bring you today’s nonstop jams, plus the occasional throwback from rap, R&B, and beyond.


Listen to Veneno
Inspired by Grammy-winning salsa artists like Jerry Rivera, bachata icons like Prince Royce, and reggaeton legends like Daddy Yankee, Veneno has something for every Latinx music lover. You will hear everything from Spanish classics to today’s hit—songs, from all sub-genres, by a variety of Latinx artists spanning across all Latin American countries. Whether you like flamenco, Latin pop, merengue, or salsa, the diversity and representation in this carefully curated music collection is guaranteed to have everything you are searching for and more.

VENOM Classics

Listen to VENOM Classics
This station plays the cream of the crop in classic rock, spanning from the British invasion up through the Eighties. Our auto DJ switches the decade every four hours, starting with the 60’s at 12:00, swinging into the 70’s at 4:00, and bringing it home with the 80’s at 8:00. This is rock and roll during arguably its most innovative, ground-breaking period. Whether you need some tunes to pump you up as you do your work or you’re looking for some killer anthems to jam to when you’re hanging out, VENOM Classics will never fail to provide!

VENOM Country

Listen to VENOM Country
Here at VENOM country, we promise you all types of country from the classics to the new stars of today. Our mission statement is to bring you The biggest hits from artists around the world while broadening your country music horizons. On Monday through Friday, our auto DJ will serve up country music from every decade in The Late Night jamboree from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM, Classic Country Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and round out the day with the Modern Hits Pick-up. On Saturday and Sunday, however, we bring it to a whole new level with Women for the weekend, where we showcase the incredible female artists that make country music the diverse genre it is.
Country music is synonymous with storytelling, and we’ve got something anyone can relate to. Whether it’s victorious, funny, heartbreaking or, in the words of Tammy Winette, “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”, there’s something for everyone.
So come on down, grab a drink at the bar, and whether you’re Kenny Chesney or you’ve never heard country before, you’re invited to listen to this ever-expanding genre.

Venom EDM

Listen to VENOM EDM
This stream plays the best from all sub-genres of electronic dance music. Tune in 24/7 for our constant rave!


Listen to VENOM Keys
This stream is completely dedicated to the piano. Featuring everything from the romantic era to contemporary covers and compositions, you’re guaranteed to hear only this magnificent instrument.


Listen to VENOM Prog
No vocals here! Featuring the best in instrumental rock and metal, this is the perfect place to catch blistering guitar solos and wicked drum fills, but not every track is so intense. By its very definition, progressive rock could carry you as far as the Caribbean on the wings of a Latin guitar, and fly you through an African forest of percussion before returning to traditional prog. And when we say traditional, we mean a 16-minute composition in five different time signatures.

VENOM Rewind

Listen to VENOM Rewind
Rewind is a stream dedicated to playing VENOM archives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! VENOM Rewind is the first and only place to hear archives of shows like Retrospectrum, Thoughtfood, Questionable Content, The Forgotten Song Project, The Music Box, The Mexican Party House, and beyond!

VENOM Scores

Listen to VENOM Scores
Step into a realm of the epic. Comprised of an orchestral collection of film and video game scores, high-quality production music, live performances, and the occasional classical tune, this stream is perfect for a workout, gaming session, or professional meeting. After all, if you really mean business, you’ll have a badass orchestral piece to set the tone.

VENOM Throwbacks

VENOM Throwbacks brings you the best in old-school hip hop, R&B, and Funk curated by DJ RockMaster Rob. Catch 24/7 live mixing and classic automation sourced from archives of Rob’s show Throwback Nights, which airs live Sunday through Thursday at 8:00 PM on VENOM Hits.


Listen to VENOM Vox
Comprised entirely of acappella music, VENOM Vox features high-quality vocal music with a focus on modern high school and collegiate groups. VENOM Vox highlights contemporary covers and original songs, but features the occasional throwback to early jazz and traditional vocal music.