Former Staff

We’d like to take some time to celebrate our former staff members, and everything they brought to VENOM! Without them, we would not be us.

Simon Jaeger: Founding Network Administrator (March 2019-July 2022)

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

I’m a tech and audio enthusiast, sporadic bookworm, audio producer and very casual musician. These interests have persisted since my early childhood, during which I could often be found taking apart answering machines, making radio edits from radio edits I recorded to tape, playing with terrible toy keyboards until I discovered every single feature, dialing random 1-800 numbers, or reading the numerous talking books my mother found at our tiny local library.

For my 10th Christmas, she gave me a cheap radio transmitter that broadcasted on just one frequency, mixing together the output from its built-in microphone and tape player as well as whatever I decided to plug into it. After the novelty wore off, I realized I was pretty bad at broadcasting. When I got a computers, I realized I was pretty good at making other broadcasters and their content sound more professional, and my steadily increasing knowledge of audio equipment has caused me to become a frequent adviser for aspiring DJ’s. Additionally, I’m in charge of setting up and maintaining VENOM’s servers, e-mail service, and associated software, and it’s been very satisfying to watch the technical side of this project come together and pick up new tricks along the way.

I was originally approached as an external consultant, but I enjoyed working with the rest of the team and learning the necessary technical skills so much that I convinced them all to let me stay.

Outside of VENOM, I work as an accessibility tester and own a website that hosts voice chat servers. In my spare time, I can often be found tinkering with some obscure hardware and software combination, yelling at Linux, or making terrible concept demos of mashup ideas. My musical preferences vary quite a bit from day to day, but I quite enjoy the direction mainstream EDM is taking, and often listen to piano music at night or in the background.

From Shane

Simon built the foundation VENOM runs on today. From choosing the server to setting up email, streaming, TeamTalk, and providing perspective in management meetings, Simon was an integral part of founding and running VENOM for the first three years. Thank you so much.

Ailish Poss: Contributor (March 2019-January 2020)

Mankato, Minnesota

I have worked in internet radio since 2002 where I got my start on a friend’s station called “Goodwash Radio.” Since then, I have worked with quite a few stations over the years, playing a variety of music ranging from classic rock, love songs, world music and more.

However, radio isn’t my only passion. I enjoy reading, writing, socializing with friends and family, and I also like some TV and a good movie from time to time. I also sing, and have performed for both small and large crowds, and enjoy writing and playing music with my brother and fiancé when time allows.

Outside of my hobbies, I am a people person, with years of experience working customer care and have even worked in childcare. One of my biggest dreams is returning to school to study social work and AIS, (American Indigenous Studies.) For now though, you can expect to hear me weekly right here on VENOM, where I hope you enjoy my shows and live contributions.
Life is too short, so live free, love deeply and make the best of your days. They are the only ones you get. 🙂

From Shane

I loved these shows. Ailish provided excellent content in a time where we had more managers than broadcasters. She was the third broadcaster we brought in, and helped us form VENOM.

Emmerel Rice: Contributor (March 2019-January 2020)

Mankato, Minnesota

Hey! My name is Emmerel Farah Phox, or Emmy for short, and I am The Original Qrýtczýr of Syn. Here on VENOM, I host Into the Black, a program dedicated to all forms of progressive, underground metal, industrial and so much more.

I have been doing Internet radio now for nearly six years, and have spent time entertaining the masses with my particular brand of madness on a few stations before VENOM. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist, song writer and composer, and have had experience in playing live gigs and recording my own solo material as well as working with my former Progressive Metal band, (Badger.) Basically, music is my life and soul.

When I was younger, I used to love listening to the radio. During my teenage years, my favorite station was 98 KUPD, The Big Red Radio, out of Phoenix Arizona. I used to love recording what ever shows I could on tape, then blasting them in my ears while I was at school. Around that time, I started entertaining the idea of going into radio as a career, but later found out that there was a lot of red tape in the industry, so many rules and guidelines that had to be followed. Anyone who knows me will tell you that rules and I have always had a hate/hate relationship, and between that and being told that very few ever really make it in radio, I lost the drive to go to school for broadcasting. But I still loved to listen and fantasize. Instead, I put my heart in soul into learning guitar, keys, drums and bass, learning music theory and how to make the ideas in my head come out and into a computer for editing and sharing with the world. Over time, I got pretty good at that, and found myself going to band auditions, jamming with local musicians and honing my skills.

However, in 2014, my ex-girlfriend landed a show on an underground Internet station out of the UK and encouraged me to give it a shot and apply for a position. I knew nothing at all about the software I was expected to use, and I had never done anything quite like this up until then. So, naturally, in typical Farah fashion, I half-assed my trial show, stayed consistently stoned the entire episode, and even sexually assaulted my microphone at the very end as I didn’t think I was going to get asked to stay on. That show would later become the premise for my first show called “The Fire Pit.” Keep in mind that anyone who worked on this station acted like they were fifteen, even if they were forty. From that point on, I was in love with Internet broadcasting. From that station and to the next a few years down the road where I hosted another program called “The Synner’s Pit,” I did my best to provide the best entertainment I could, even if the entertainment came at my own expense. “No shame, more game,” was my motto. And entertain I did. That first station is also where I met Shane Lowe and many of the others you can hear on VENOM, and since then, we’ve been great friends.

When VENOM was still in it’s conceptual stages, not quite yet even a full idea, I was approached by management and asked if I wanted a slot on what would later become VENOM.FM. Obviously I jumped at the chance to run wild again, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from radio and music, I am a transgender female, writer and blogger. My fiancé and fellow VENOM broadcaster Ailish and I live in Minnesota with our three cats, Mia, Ozzy, and Mystic Shadow, or Misty for short. I still compose my own music and enjoy collaborating. I am always tinkering around with new musical sounds and genres. I enjoy talking to new friends, educating the masses about transgenderism, and reading.

From Shane

The second person we brought onto the team, Emerel has been a friend of VENOM before we were even close to starting. She helped come up with our name, designed our logo, gave us lots of advice, and created killer content!

Jimmy Steel: Contributor (July 2020-September 2022)

Talladega, Alabama

Hi, my name is Jimmy. I’m 26 years old and I live in Alabama. I’m probably one of the few here without a fancy title. Just a guy who really loves music of all kinds, and loves to share that love of music with others. When I’m not in front of my computer, nine times out of 10 with a stream of some kind up somewhere, I’m outside working with my plants. I’ve got a 120 sq foot greenhouse, which is currently undergoing expansion to a little bit less than 240 sq feet. I think the plants I grow also reflect my eclectic nature. I’m pretty well known to most of the local nurseries as the sort who walks in and spends the next 30 to 45 minutes engaging them about any interesting plants they have. This usually results in money spent and a new plant to add to my budding collection. That’s pretty much all there is to me honestly. Music and plants… and before I end up digressing on to some tangent about musical plants, I’ll say goodbye. I hope to see you on my show!

From Shane

Talk About It was one hell of a unique show. Usually funny and always interesting, Jimmy is an irreplaceable part of VENOM. We love you, man!