2022 relaunch Weekend Schedule

We hope you’ll join us this weekend for our 3-year relaunch party. Many of these events closely match a show that you can hear every week, though you may notice that we’ve shifted a few of the hosts around. 😉 For more information about our regular programs, please visit our schedule. That being said, many of the programs you’ll be hearing this weekend are irregular. In more positive terms, that means you can only hear them once, and it’s at their scheduled times below! If you would like to join us, you can find out how to listen here, and you can join us on teamtalk, by pointing your client at venom.fm, ports 10333.

Friday, October 21

When Show Host(s)
12:00 PM Introductions, special announcements, and the top 3 songs of all time Shane Lowe and The VENOM Staff
5:00 PM When Words Fail Armando Maldonado
6:00 PM Friday Night Vibes DJ KC
8:00 PM Questionable Content Malik Wilson (Question)
10:00 PM Throwback Nights (Live exclusive!) DJ Rock Master Rob

Saturday, October 22

When Show Host(s)
12:00 PM Rage Quit Michael Johann
1:00 PM The Honky Tonk Show Michele Farrell
2:00 PM El Bario Michael Johann
3:00 PM Questionable Content Emily Paton
4:00 PM The Forgotten Song Project John Dowling Jr
5:00 PM Folkin’ About Joseph King
6:00 PM The 6 Pack (special old school mix) Brian Ford
7:00 PM Multiplayer gamin’ night! Dan Romero

Sunday, October 23

When Show Host(s)
12:00 PM The Honky Tonk Show John Dowling Jr
3:00 PM Thoughtfood Drew Mochak
5:00 PM AI Story Teller: Blastbay Studios’ new Alexa Skill Philip Bennefall
6:00 PM Talk About It (one night only) Jimmy Steel
8:00 PM Retrospectrum (one night only) Emily Pennington